Experience Design

Driving faster digital change starts with an outstanding Experience Design (EXD) strategy. Backed up with data and user research, our team translates your digital strategy into a creative vision and prototypes that are extensively tested and optimised to deliver the best results.

User Experience Strategy

Aligning your business objectives with your customers’ needs is key to defining the optimum User Experience (UX) strategy. This ensures their digital experience is personalised and consistent with your overall brand positioning.

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CASE STUDY: Allergan - Re-invisioning a Global Brand

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Usability Testing

“No plan survives contact with the enemy”. Our team carries out extensive user testing at every stage of the journey. Through interactive prototyping, rapid application development and iterative testing during delivery cycles, we make sure your customers engage and convert.

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Scope - Digital for All Stakeholders


Making your digital products accessible ensures they can be used by as many people as possible – including those with disabilities. Our expert review will help highlight opportunities and build a strategy for improvement.

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Why Build Accessible Digital Products - and Why Now?

Analytics, Data and User Research

Our EXD and Analytics experts help you understand your data, turn it into meaningful insights and combine them with qualitative and quantitative user research.

User-centric Interaction and Visual Design

We turn your UX strategy into an engaging solution with our custom “UX toolkit” to deliver outstanding customer experiences across your digital channels.

CASE STUDY: AXELOS - Simplifying the User Experience