Infrastructure Audit

A five-day process where one or more consultants, who are qualified cloud architects will review your estate for missing best practices, infrastructure improvements and cost savings


An infrastructure audit allows you to be sure that you’re working in the right way, be it in a regulated industry or maybe you’re a start-up that has grown fast and now needs to make changes to be able to scale further. The audit is designed to provide you with a path forwards to achieve your goals which could be to move from CapEx to OpEx, ground to cloud migration, becoming cloud agnostic, or maybe you’re looking to reduce cloud operating costs.


Our qualified consultants will be on site, with your business for up to three days working closely with you and your teams to get a firm understanding of the topology of your estate, any pain points, processes such as deployment to your estate, the way it is used and identify any cost savings you can make through process change or infrastructure modification.

  • Establish business goals and requirements including but not limited to:
    • DR strategy
    • High availability
    • Zero-downtime deployment
  • Cost analysis
    • Are you getting the most value for money?
    • Action plan for cost reduction
  • Infrastructure architecture vs application
    • Is this the right infrastructure to get the most out of your applications in the cloud?
  • Infrastructure as code and configuration management practice review
  • Review of monitoring and alerting, ensuring processes are best fit for the business vs best practice

In the final two days of the five day process, the consultant will produce a detailed documentoutlining findings, with infrastructure diagramsofyour estate, any recommended process changes and anyimprovements to the infrastructure, and most importantly of all, a plan of action to help your business achieve its goals.

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  • Effective way to identify any cost savings and how to apply them
  • Evidence based solutions with rapid feedback from real customers
  • Low risk, low cost route to innovation
  • Consultancy, design and technical expertise working together
  • A clear path to achieve your goals

Who is involved?

Over a five-day period, our qualified experts will lead you through the process. The team will work together with business leaders and subject experts within your organisation to help innovate and solve the problems.

If you'd like a comprehensive review of your estate with our Infrastructure Audit, please get in touch with Nick today.

Nick Rudd
Director of Growth

+44 7540 470305


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