Infrastructure Audit

Our Infrastructure Audit is a comprehensive review of your estate, conducted by our qualified cloud architects, to highlight missing best practices, infrastructure improvements and cost savings.

Online channels have become increasingly important as more businesses move to offer online services and touchpoints to their customers. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the issue, placing even greater strain onto client infrastructures. According to IDC, while overall IT spending is expected to decrease by about 5% across the globe this year, infrastructure spending is projected to increase by 4% as businesses raced to shore up legacy infrastructures and transition infrastructure to the cloud. The right infrastructure is essential to the delivery of superior customer experiences and getting the most value out of infrastructure investments will be front of mind. 


Our infrastructure audit allows you to be sure that your current infrastructure and operations are working in the right way to best serve the needs of your business and customers. The audit is designed to provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals, whether that be a shift in IT investment from CapEx to OpEx, ground to cloud migration, becoming cloud agnostic, or cloud operating cost reductions. Our qualified consultants will work with you and your teams to get a firm understanding of your key objectives, the topology of your estate, current pain points, processes and procedures, strategies and initiatives as well as your current expenditure.

  • Establish business goals and requirements including but not limited to: ​

    • Disaster Recovery strategy ​
    • High availability ​
    • Zero-downtime deployment ​
  • Cost analysis ​
    • Are you getting the most value for money? ​
    •  Action plan for cost reduction ​
  • Infrastructure architecture vs application architecture ​
    • Is this the right infrastructure to get the most out of your applications in the cloud? ​
    • Infrastructure as code and configuration management practice review ​
    • Review of monitoring and alerting, ensuring processes are best fit for the business vs best practice ​

Our consultants will then produce a detailed document outlining their findings, with infrastructure diagrams of your estate, any recommended process changes and any improvements to the infrastructure, and most importantly of all, a plan of action to help your business achieve its goals.

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  • Identify components or processes that can be improved or replaced to deliver a greater return on investment
  • Provide evidence-based solutions that have benefitted a range of customers
  • Create a low risk, low cost route to innovation through the smartest use of available infrastructure & operations (I&O) technology and processes
  • Be in a position to continuously evolve in line with the expectations and requirements of your online offering without wide-scale replacements and restructures

Client Story

A global medical device manufacturer came to us to understand the impact of their current implementation on their future roadmap. The audit helped them to understand the issues within their current implementation that would not only hamper progress with the roadmap but also prevent them from deriving full value from their investment. The findings highlighted a clear and practical approach to rectify those issues and help them move forward to achieve their goals. 


If you'd like a comprehensive review of your estate with our Infrastructure Audit, please get in touch with Nick:

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Director of Growth

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