Experience Design Audit

An expert review of your user interface, designed to highlight usability issues and areas for improvement.

An audit is especially useful at the outset of planning a new strategy for your product or service. The user experience is evaluated from a fresh perspective and rated on how well it adheres to best practices and user interface principles. It can help you to understand the problems to focus on, provide direction on how to tackle them, and unlock hidden opportunities.


The audit begins with a session to understand your business goals, the users and intended outcomes. Our experts then conduct a detailed analysis of the interface to identify the strengths and weaknesses. The specific areas we review depends on the project goals. However, the themes are based on a set of industry standard heuristics, such as consistency and standards, error prevention, and user control and freedom. The findings are rated by severity level to prioritize the work that needs to be done. The review will also include recommendations for fixing the usability problems and examples of best practice where appropriate.

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  • An effective, low risk, low cost route to identify areas for improvement
  • A fresh perspective that is evidence based
  • A way to catch ‘obvious’ issues before they cause more damage to conversion rates
  • Can be run at any stage in a product or service lifecycle, including at prototype stage


A building society came to us wanting to re-platform their existing website. We conducted an Experience Design Audit which highlighted a number of areas that needed further work. These included improving their business proposition and bringing their purpose to life, through to connecting their digital experience together with their excellent branch experience. The audit provided a springboard into a much wider piece of work.


The output

  • A detailed report, outlining the usability issues, providing actionable recommendations for fixing them, and examples of best practice where appropriate.
  • A two hour playback session to run through the key findings, recommendations and proposed next steps.

Our experience design team have a deep knowledge of usability best practices and a wealth of experience in conducting usability research. If you'd like a fresh, evidence based perspective to provide direction and unlock hidden opportunities, please get in touch with Nick.

Nick Rudd
Director of Growth

+44 7540 470305