Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy will provide your true north star for future product development. It will define your digital product vision and delivery strategy ensuring that the outcomes align to the overall business objectives. In this way mistakes are mitigated early and the returns are likely to be higher.

Why invest in a digital strategy review?

Ensuring your product vision and business vision are aligned will ultimately mean you develop solutions with the right outcomes more effectively. Many projects start with discovery, a catch all for understanding a client’s product delivery objectives and to formulate a delivery schedule. However, for some projects this may be running too quickly and there may be a tendency to jump into understanding lower level delivery objectives without being able to tie them back to an overall business and product vision. This is where digital strategy comes in.

Understanding of both the vision and strategy for achieving success will create a more uniform and measurable flow from overall business vision and objectives to digital vision and objectives to delivery. So when you look back from your deliverable outcomes you will always see an alignment to the overall business goals, validated against customer wants and needs.


Using a proven methodology, the Digital Strategy is delivered via workshops, research and analytics reviews, internal stakeholder interviews and external validation points.

Initial workshops are designed tounderstand the business vision and capture the digital product vision and understand how the two align.

With a clear understanding of the digital vision we will work with you to define the strategy for achieving the vision; what does the digital product need to achieve for the business, what is the concept, target  market, differentiators and right to win and a clear definition of what winning looks like.

We then need to understand what good could look like, this includes; reviewing the competitor and related businesses products and strategies, PESTLE analysis to identify external factors that may affect the digital strategy, an experience map of the current state, a workshop and potentially user input to capture the key elements of what good looks like.

Whilst the primary aim is to get the digital strategy right so that products are developed more effectively another key advantage of this approach is the ability to constantly review and course correct throughout a products lifecycle.

Lean Product Delivery Diagram

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  • Avoids costly course corrections later in delivery by having clearly aligned business and product visions
  • Gives all stakeholders a clear view of objectives and direction
  • Provides clear goals that are often missed in discovery when working at a lower level

The output

A concise vision statement capturing how it aligns to the overall business objectives

A strategy board capturing the business goals, a product summary, a clear description of the problems the solution will solve, an understanding of the target audience

To support the above a high-level view of the as-is and to-be capturing the what, how and challenges of today and outlining the what, how and outcomes for tomorrow and beyond

Our team will help you define and capture clear business and product goals and the benefits that will be provided for stakeholders and users alike, ultimately defining the size of the prize and how you will get there. To find out more get in touch with Nick today.

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Director of Growth

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