Accessibility Audit

Our Accessibility Audit is an expert review of your user interface to highlight opportunities for improving accessibility and building a strategy for improvement

Making your digital product accessible means making sure that it can be used by as many people as possible – including those with disabilities. One in five people in the UK have a disability or impairment and an inaccessible digital product can create a barrier that excludes them, leaving them dependent on others. All public sector bodies have a legal obligation, under the Equality Act 2010, to make their digital services accessible, but lowering the risk of legal action is not the only driver. Alongside legality, inclusion and ‘doing the right thing’ it also makes good brand and commercial sense: why exclude a percentage of your potential customers by creating a barrier?


Our Accessibility Audit is based around the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organisations, and governments internationally. The first step is a session to understand which level of compliance is right for you: these range from Level A (basic) to Level AA (intermediate – widely considered to be a practical best practice benchmark) to level AAA (advanced). If you require formal accreditation we will plan that in as part of the roadmap for improvement. Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis of the interface against the +50 standards, using manual testing and automated testing tools where appropriate. The review will include recommendations for fixing any ‘Fails’ identified and examples of best practice where appropriate.

A senior UX Consultant will conduct the review. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of accessibility best practices, and a background in conducting accessibility reviews. They will not have been involved in creating the service being reviewed so will bring a fresh perspective and independent view.


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The Benefits

  • Removing any barriers will maximise your audience and could result in an increase in customers, conversions and ultimately sales
  • Addressing accessibility issues improves usability thus making your services accessible and desirable to all, not just those with disabilities
  • Accessibility can enhance SEO, increasing the quality and quantity of your traffic alongside exposure to your brand
  • Opportunity to improve your brand perception and stay ahead of the competition. A roadmap for making your service accessible will lower the risk of legal action for not complying with the Equality Act 2010

The output

  • We will provide a detailed report, outlining accessibility issues – rated against WCAG – and actionable recommendations for fixing them, with examples of best practice where appropriate.
  • In addition, we will deliver a one-hour playback session to run through the key findings, recommendations and proposed next steps.
We are well practiced in building accessible digital products and services. Our Accessibility Audit will highlight opportunities and help build a strategy for improvement. If you feel that your organisation could benefit from this approach, please get in touch with Nick.​

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Director of Growth

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With more and more services rapidly moving online, we look at how building accessibility into your digital strategy is more important than ever before.

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