December 14th 2021

4 min read

To help our clients optimise their return on investment in digital transformation, discover the value that sits in their digital portfolio and improve their speed to market of digital products, MMT Digital provides a set of market-leading frameworks.

The Agile-focused digital transformation frameworks - North Star, Compass and Engine - provide an innovative set of methodologies that combine Agile principles with our nearly two-decade-long experience helping clients successfully build digital products that meet customer demands in the digital-first world. 

Having proved to be highly effective with a growing number our clients’ the North Star, Compass and Engine frameworks are central to the MMT Digital’s approach to accelerating success in digital transformation for the companies who we partner with in 2022 and beyond.

Boots UK - Accelerating digital transformation for UK's leading health and beauty retailer

The UK’s leading health and beauty retailer Boots UK were looking to gain competitive advantage by accelerating their digital transformation and introducing a new agile delivery model into the business, an engineering capability centre to help optimise speed to market and maximise ROI on their digital products.
Boots engaged MMT Digital to better understand the effectiveness of their existing engineering capability, identify where improvements could be made and implement a value based prioritisation methodology, all delivered within MMT’s market-leading Compass Framework. 
Steve Westgarth, Head of Engineering, Boots UK, commented: “MMT Digital have provided value to Boots from the moment we engaged them.  Their Compass framework, specialist knowledge and experience running complex agile operating models at scale has been immensely beneficial to Boots as we establish our new Engineering Capability Centre. This is a partnership that really clarifies the value within our digital portfolio.” 

Origin Digital - Navigating digital strategy for an enterprise-level organization

A large agriculture intelligence agency Origin Digital invited MMT Digital to address the key challenges they experienced with their digital product strategy and delivery. What made the challenge complex was the conflict of digital consumer experience requirements for the established vs. new markets. If not turned around in 18months, the loss of customers could have meant significant losses to the business. 

Lack of insights and measurement to develop a strategy to improve the delivery of their digital products, along with the leadership changes that left gaps in technical product knowledge of legacy tools, Origin Digital found themselves behind their competitors and in urgent need of a rapid digital transformation. 

Using MMT’s North Star Framework, Origin Digital were able to establish a Value Model for determining and measuring value, identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices and governance ultimately allowing them to deliver solutions to their customers that provided quantifiable value rapidly. 

Jon Rhymes, Head of Digital at Origin Digital, commented: “Our engagement with MMT digital brought clarity to our strategic objectives across the group, and through applying their Value Model we have been able to align multiple stakeholders and establish a clear and prioritised roadmap for product delivery against these objectives.”

North Star - Digital Strategy
·       Sets the digital product vision​
·       Tracks value throughout delivery and beyond – for single products or scaled multi-team programmes of work​
·       Focus on delivering value to customers
Compass - Lean Product Consultancy 

·       Drives agile delivery standards across teams – through coaching and embedding best practices​
·       Measures the agility of product teams – to help identify opportunities for improvement or enhancement 
·       Increases speed to market – through value-driven approaches and improved release pipelines
Engine - Agile Delivery
·       Embeds a product mentality and establish a culture of collaboration covering all aspects of delivery from day 1 of sprint 1​
·       Improves the speed of delivery - through iterations which naturally adapt to feedback and changes ​
·       Focus on delivering value – measured and tracked by ‘North Star

If you're interested to find out more about how MMT Digital's frameworks can help boost your digital transformation, contact us here.