Our Kentico MVP becomes the first Kentico Cloud certified developer in the world

May 29th 2019

3 mins read

Last week saw Kentico Cloud release their much-anticipated Certified Developer exam. Just one day later, three of our Kentico Cloud experts had taken the exam and become fully certified Kentico Cloud Developers!
Kentico Cloud certified developerCongratulations go out to Kentico MVP Ilesh – who became the first certified Kentico Cloud developer in the word – Rick Madigan and Ross Nevill, who also joined Ilesh in becoming Kentico Cloud Certified Developers. As experts on the Software as a Service and Content as a Service (Caas) market, it was great to see the team put their knowledge to the test and emerge victorious.

We’re not planning to sit on our laurels though. Plans are already afoot for teams working on Cloud projects in the business to take these exams.

More about the exam

Like the existing Kentico EMS exams for developers and marketers, it is delivered through Kentico’s e-learning system and covers a range of topics on Kentico Cloud including:

  • the platform APIs
  • user interface capabilities
  • platform terminology
  • modelling content
  • documentation
  • architecting the solution

Find out more about the exam and what it covers here.

Get started with Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud - create content at the speed of nowIf you’re considering Kentico Cloud, but don’t know where to begin, our Kentico MVP Ilesh Mistry explains how you can get started with Kentico Cloud. This as a great starting point in helping you get to grips with Kentico Cloud and understanding what the platform is capable of.

Let us help you

Our expert knowledge on Kentico Cloud allows us to provide a consultancy service to our clients as well as expert omni-channel development builds. To find out if Kentico Cloud is right for you, or to speak to one of our experts, please get in touch.