Vodafone and MMT Digital on stage at LeadersIn Tech Summit 2019

May 10th 2019

1 minute read

At this year’s LeadersIn Tech Summit, the headline event of London Tech Week, our Co-Founder, James Cannings and Jon Davies, Head of Digital at Vodafone will take to the stage for a fireside chat to discuss how enterprise agile transformation has changed innovation culture at the UK’s biggest telecoms network.
James and Jon will share practical insights with the senior executive audience to help them navigate the challenges, threats and opportunities presented by an increasingly digital world.
Session details below:
Turning the Tanker: How Enterprise Agile Transformation Can Revolutionise a Legacy Business,
How MMT Digital & Vodafone’s digital collaboration changed innovation culture at the UK’s biggest telecoms network
  • Doing agile vs. being agile: engaging the whole business to create a culture of innovation
  • The dos and dont’s of innovation prototyping: the transformation Trojan Horses
  • Hybrid working: avoiding culture clash with co-location; blending agency and client teams
  • Tackling legacy debt: changing the digital chassis while the car's still moving
  • Procurement planning: how to buy something when you don’t know what it is
The Q&A session will be moderated by Thomas Davies, Founder & CEO, Temporall.
Now in its third year, LeadersIn Tech Summit will bring together 300+ C-Level and senior executives from across industries to discuss how to ride the wave of disruption as technology on June 11th at The Barbican.


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