Webinar: Make it Personal with Kentico EMS - March 29th, 3pm (BST)

By Rich Madigan
March 13th 2017

4 minute read

Click to register for our webinar: Make it Personal with Kentico EMS - March 29th, 3pm (BST)

More and more businesses are realising the opportunity that personalisation presents as delivering relevant content is crucial to driving deeper and more meaningful customer relationships. The more personalised the experience, the happier the customer will be. Personalisation is the key to providing such an experience, one that is predictive rather than reactive, and most importantly, one that encourages conversions and boosts sales. 

On the face of it, personalisation is a relatively simple concept and with the tools available to marketers today it can be achieved in a matter of clicks. However, as you dive deeper it becomes clear that there is so much more to personalisation. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short webinar to help you take your first steps into personalisation within Kentico. Join us on the 29th March at 3pm for a fusion of practical implementation and guidance with a sprinkling of marketing theory, you can sign up here.

Why should I attend?

Implementing personalisation variants against a widget in Kentico is merely the tip of the iceberg and it is very easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, the priorities and how this spreads across channels. 

Our webinar aims to break personalisation down into bitesize chunks including (but not limited to!):

  • Types of personalisation

  • Implementation and prioritisation of variants

  • Context of variants

  • Personalisation across channels

During the webinar we’ll build out a handy checklist that will provide you with a structured approach to implementing personalisation.

The choice is yours!

This session kicks off our 2017 webinar programme and this year we want to involve you in choosing the topics so we can deliver the content most relevant to your needs and interests. With that in mind, during each webinar we’ll be running a poll so you can vote for the topic of the next webinar.

We’ll put together some options for this first poll but we’re open to ideas. If you’ve got any topics you’d like us to cover, feel free to drop me an email at richard.m@mmtdigital.co.uk and we will put them to the vote.


So, if all this sounds like your cup of tea, you can register here. In the meantime, if you missed any of our Kentico EMS webinars last year which covered a variety of topics - from delivering effective campaigns to lead nurturing - you can watch them all here.