Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1

By Ilesh Mistry
July 12th 2016

3 minute read

Kentico Mistry Magic's are short videos showing some Kentico hints and tips, which I hope you all will find useful. 

The idea behind these videos is to show the users quick and easy ways on perfoming specific tasks within Kentico. The videos will be really short so you can watch them on the move, whenever if you have a few minutes or even when making a tea or coffee!

The first Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1, is about Kentico Web Part Performance Best Practices. This short video illustrates the different hints and tips the Kentico Developers should be performing when they add web parts onto a page. Those hints and tips, should be something every Kentico Developer should be doing.

Here is Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1 on Kentico Web Part Performance Best Practices

That was Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1. 

If you have any feedback and/or suggestions on future Mistry Magic's, just let me know in one of the following ways...