Webinar Recording: How Vodafone Scaled its Digital Delivery

August 12th 2020

1 minute read

Traditional enterprise CMSes are costly, complex, slow and rigid. The digital-first landscape demands a content platform that’s agile, scalable and future proof. Organisations are shifting their focus from closed, monolithic systems to a new generation of tools that can be seamlessly integrated into custom technology stacks. 

During our latest webinar, hosted by Contentful, we shared how Vodafone with support from MMT (a leading Contentful partner), is  moving away from multiple CMSes towards a modern content platform, and how they are making use of Contentful’s automation and customisation capabilities to deliver digital experiences at scale.

Watch the webinar now and learn how you can:

  • Streamline content management using automation

  • Supercharge performance possibilities by combining content with a static page generator

  • Customise the editorial interface to provide a richer editing experience

If you’d like help in determining whether a headless approach could be right for your organisation, or want to understand if you are getting maximum ROI from your existing headless CMS, email us at hello@mmtdigital.co.uk to learn more about our assessments and audits.   



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