Why mobile app development is key in providing great digital customer experience

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Global mobile penetration stood at 68% as we entered 2023: two in every three people own a smartphone. Looked at in a different way, that's around 6.3 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide.

Marketers are spending more budget on mobile digital experiences: worth an estimated $288bn worldwide at the last count.

But what are the right tactics to ensure you give users an optimal digital experience (DX)? And what’s really possible with mobile as the technology continues to develop and improve?

Mobile app development drives ‘the art of the possible’

Mobile app solutions can drive significant benefits within your wider digital transformation programmes. Organisations are recognising they must capitalise on mobile app development as part of their organisational strategy to communicate and connect with their audiences, in a bid to drive value and improve consumer interaction and boost sales.

As with any digital experience (DX) your mobile solutions have to be engaging, relevant and accessible. But it isn’t always obvious to organisations how to make mobile initiatives align with other digital and non-digital channels as they strive to achieve better outcomes and hit business goals. This includes understanding if you mobile initiative is a complimentary service and / or provides a differentiator in the consumer experience.

There are significant benefits of incorporating a mobile channel within your digital initiatives, whatever your objectives and user profile. We have identified six key features of native/hybrid mobile apps that can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

1. Enhanced campaigns: More than nine in 10 smartphone users expect marketing campaigns that are delivered through their screen to be personalised, and in return they’re much more likely to purchase. This means including personalisation in your mobile app development. When designed right, mobile apps offer automated campaigns and enhanced personalisation as part of DX - leading to greater user engagement and loyalty.

2. Full flexibility: Mobile marketing is a core component of successful omnichannel strategies, sitting alongside not just other digital channels but also connecting with offline marketing initiatives. This offers full campaign flexibility for marketers and gives the user a greater level of convenience and reliability.

3. Push notifications: When you integrate push notifications into your mobile app development you open up a world of opportunity to connect with users more consistently. It’s a great channel to use for all types of communication, from promotions to service updates. Used wisely notifications provide a more seamless experience that consumers recognise, they’re used to it on their smartphones - but if you can prove the point behind push notifications by adding value for them it will strengthen your engagement and response.

4. Intuitive DX: Smartphone users can get overloaded with messages. Designing your mobile app intuitively around OS interfaces and guidelines makes your communications more consistent, and the experience of interacting with your organisation more satisfactory for the user.

5. Crossing tech frontiers: The ability to connect with a user at the moment they are researching or purchasing from brands means more organisations are turning to mobile apps for marketing. Here are just a few beneficial features:

  • QR codes include links to access more content

  • Already onboard GPS/location services can be exploited to send tailored, timely offers

  • Accessibility features embedded in the already available operating platform such as visual aids, voice enablement and audio playback can enhance broader inclusion

6. Data integration: The feedback loop, or value exchange, should be a key driver within your of marketing programme and enhanced via your mobile platform - with smartphones offering a more seamless and familiar route for data integration. Ensuring the enhanced digital experience maps to a successful customer journey, will reduce the potential friction, and simplify the approach to persuade customers to part with precious information, needed in your broader marketing initiatives.

Find out more about mobile app development’s power

With many enhanced benefits, there is a clear value and return on investment to consider including a Mobile channel within your digital programme. Collectively they can cut your product time to market; save money with a value focus on design and key features; producing great results with a surprisingly low barrier to entry.

To learn more about how mobile app development can drive better digital experiences for users, contact us today to discuss your business needs and how MMT can help.