The digital change makers: MMT announces its new brand positioning  

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In the true spirit of joined-up thinking, MMT Digital have partnered up with our sister MSQ agency, Elmwood, to rethink and redefine the MMT brand. 

Starting off as a small agency with big ambitions, we’ve worked to help our global roster of clients develop and grow – and we’ve grown with them. Having been around for more than two decades, we can safely say that change is the only constant in the digital and tech industry.    

So introducing the new MMT, the Digital Change Makers. Our new positioning has been created to not only reflect this industry evolution, but also allow us to continue driving it forward and delivering value for our clients. Technology is advancing rapidly, so businesses are facing new challenges that require the need to solve and adapt rapidly, too. With our ability to think and do,we are perfectly placed to help guide our clients through this environment and create positive change for them, their industry, and their customers. 

As effective digital solutions become ever more important to our clients’ businesses, what we do and deliver has never been more vital in driving value. But just as important, is how we think – the strategic guidance we can give to ensure those products and services are prioritised and delivered at the required pace.

To achieve this, we have built out a Strategic Consultancy function; a team of experts who are focused on supporting technology leaders in optimising their digital strategies for value, speed and return on investment. 

Matt Warren, Chief Growth Officer at MMT, commented: "We are extremely pleased with our new brand positioning. While retaining a strong link to our 23-year legacy, we believe it also illustrates the work we do today to improve our clients' businesses, and represents how we hope to drive positive change within the industry in the future.” 

Nick Rudd, Director of Consulting at MMT, commented: “The new brand positioning is not just about external perception, we have also reorganised our business internally to reflect the needs of our clients. A key aspect of this is the creation of our new Strategic Consultancy function. We know that to drive real change across a business you have to change how you deliver, not just what you deliver.” 

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