Written by James Cannings
July 7th 2021

2 minute read

With our Agile Maturity Index (AMI), organisations can, for the first time, unlock crucial insights from Slack and Microsoft Teams with the addition of new Systems Intelligence features.

The release of this functionality to Temporall’s organisational insights platform, Workbench, which powers the AMI, means that we can now understand how these critical agile communication tools are impacting a business and how improvements can be made to the culture, behaviours and efficacy of teams. For many companies, this untapped insight can also help drive a business case for wider adoption of these types of tools as part of an agile transformation. 

The AMI provides quantitative data and sentiment from a structured survey that is focused across five key pillars of agility; high-performing teamsprocess & governancetechnologyorganisational agility and culture of innovation. The addition of Systems Intelligence, which automatically draws insight from Slack or Microsoft Teams, means it can now also:

Analyse connectivity and influence
Find out how individuals are connected and influencing each other across teams, departments, or role. Combining this with the Organisational Network Analysis from the AMI allows leadership to locate silos of communication along with the individuals holding them together, to then create plans to reduce the risks created by these brittle communication structures.
Analyse trends in sentiment across a broad range of topics and themes
From collaboration and ethics to people and performance, we can start to build up specific agile dictionaries to enable the AI-based system to track sentiment around quality processes or agile working practices. We can locate differences or correlations between what teams are saying in structured surveys and what they seem to be saying in unstructured conversations.
Access advanced Microsoft Teams and Slack analytics
Organisations that use both Teams and Slack can, for the first time, compare the engagement between those platforms to understand how they are being used and look at trends in engagement across different departments, teams and channels.
As these communication tools are rolled out across organisations we often hear, anecdotally, that they are “changing the way our organisation communicates”. Whilst that is true, most companies don’t have a handle on how that is happening, what the real impact is and what insights they can draw from these tools in order to drive meaningful change. This is why the addition of Systems Intelligence to the AMI is so exciting, not only will it enhance your ability to improve the behaviours and culture of an agile engineering team, but it will help the wider organisation to adopt this culture, driving a successful agile transformation.

You can find out more about our Agile Maturity Index here and if you would like to talk to us about how it can support your organisation’s agile transformation, simply drop an email to for an initial chat.