A guide to MMT’s services: #1 Infrastructure Assessment

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The MMT Infrastructure Assessment is one of four Digital Maturity Assessments, designed to measure and improve your company’s ability to quickly respond to the technology-led market developments and consumer trends.  

This Assessment will help you review your existing technology solutions, identify cost savings and discover how you can improve efficiency of your company's digital ecosystem. You can use this service to closely examine the critical infrastructure that keeps your online services and business operations running.   

Often, until a problem emerges and disrupts operations, digital infrastructure is left unmonitored and unchanged. There are some significant risks of leaving your infrastructure unattended, such as becoming more open to new cybersecurity risks. Our Infrastructure Assessment provides an opportunity to highlight areas where your business may be susceptible to threats and address them using the latest and most effective tools and practices.  

About the MMT Infrastructure Assessment  

Our assessment will shape itself around your company’s specific requirements, depending on your company size and the systems you have in place.  

It may quickly reveal flaws in your infrastructure that we can interrogate and find solutions for, or we might find that your infrastructure is already in good shape – in which case we’ll pinpoint potential areas for improvement, or areas in which you could become more agile.  

The assessment will focus on three key areas: 

  1. Cost  

Running systems all day, every day can result in substantial overheads. By understanding how and when customers use your digital services, our assessment will pinpoint where infrastructure can be reformed to meet consumer needs, and where you might be able to save resources.  Equally, the assessment will identify areas where manual processes can be cut to save people hours.   

  1. Security  

Legacy systems, tech solutions and applications need to evolve to remain secure in the face of ever evolving cybersecurity threads and malware. Hardware and infrastructure are the foundations of every digital service, and if they’re not built right and updated regularly, your whole organisation along with its customers could be at risk.   

By assessing all the routes into and out of your organisational infrastructure and reviewing your current security set-up, our Infrastructure Assessment will quickly highlight and address any weaknesses in your defences.  

  1. Performance 

Is there a single point of failure that could prevent your services from functioning, or a bottleneck that’s impacting the customer experience?  

An external and expert perspective will be able to identify the blind spots you may have missed and help your engineering team to make plans for improvement – such as setting up your infrastructure in two regions so there is a backup if one goes down.   

Delivering results at speed 

Our assessment is designed to be fast and cost-effective, to quickly help your company fortify its infrastructure. 

We aim to complete an assessment within five days, although this timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of your organisation and digital estate.  

Typically, we start by carrying out a robust fact-finding and analysis mission that involves:    

  • Exploration: We’ll review your technology, tools and relevant documents, examining them to help us understand your existing infrastructure.   

  • Interviews and workshops: Based on the knowledge gained during the exploration stage, we’ll interview key stakeholders such as architects, managers, team leaders, cloud architects, systems administrators and any other individuals that have knowledge of your current infrastructure. 

  • Scanning: We’ll use automated cloud-based tools to scan your infrastructure for security and functionality issues that need addressing.  

This process helps us to build a complete picture of your existing infrastructure and its areas of strength and weakness, which will be presented through documentation.  

This view is not black and white, and it’s certainly not a case of us just telling you where you’re going wrong. We will also advise you on areas where you could evolve to be even more effective, such as by moving from a static server to the cloud. We will also detail the problems and risks that need to be addressed as a priority.  

The goal is to provide a well-rounded assessment that suggests concrete, practical next steps.  

What comes next? After the assessment… 

Martin Ward portrait photo

The MMT Infrastructure Assessment is just a starting point. Our subject-area experts and engineers will deliver the knowledge and capability your business needs to fix unseen problems and build infrastructure that supports your company as you scale and grow.

Martin Ward

Head of Engineering, MMT

Your long-term return on investment could be a very tangible saving on monthly infrastructure maintenance costs, which quickly surpasses the cost of identifying and fixing the problem. Or it could be the prevention of a data breach or service outage that has the potential to cause huge economic and reputational damage to your business.  

As a digital consultancy specialising in agile development, when you work with us, you benefit from our years of experience and technical expertise.  

To find out more about our Infrastructure Assessment Service or to book a discovery call, get in touch