The life of a Kentico MVP

Written by Ilesh Mistry
February 28th 2019

5 mins read

The Life of a Kentico MVP

For many software vendors, it is not enough to simply market the product. Hoping that potential customers will simply take their word for it that the product is great no longer holds water. External influences and online experiences have shifted the perceptions and attitudes of customers – peer reviews can be just as compelling as any piece of marketing. In the world of software, testimonials and reviews have their place but for many customers they want the opinions and recommendations of a trusted professional with the technical knowledge to verify the quality of a product.

Software vendors around the world leverage evangelists and gurus to not only promote the product but also to spread the word on best practices and innovations. These experts are users of the product from external businesses and agencies.

As you may be aware, we are one of the leading Kentico partners in the world, delivering solutions for both Kentico EMS (a CMS recognised by Gartner and Forrester) and Kentico Cloud. In the Kentico ecosystem, these evangelists are known as MVPs. I am proud to be one of these MVPs, a role I have held since July 2014 and one of only 9 in the world.

Here at MMT Digital, we make a big deal about the Kentico MVP, but what does it actually mean?

What is involved in being a Kentico MVP?

The MVP is a definite status of recognition and there’s a lot of hoops to jump through to achieve this honour - working during our personal time, contributing to the community and promoting Kentico are just some of things I do to every year to achieve this award. However, it’s not a case of simply getting the badge and sitting on my laurels. There are responsibilities that come with this title (and also opportunities).
Ilesh Mistry - Kentico MVP presenting at Kentico ConnectionsBroadly, the Kentico MVP aids Kentico in promoting its products (Kentico and Kentico Cloud) within their communities and markets, using their experience to educate and inform. In addition, Kentico looks to us to help shape the product – leveraging our knowledge of the market and our clients. Each Kentico MVP has their own area of expertise but all of us are constantly learning – particularly as we embrace a whole new method of content management in Kentico Cloud (a world away from where I started on Kentico 3.1).

From a practical perspective, our role goes further. We’re not only promoting the product, but we are key figures in the community. We have close connections to all departments of Kentico, able to find the right people to answer queries and support product innovations.

It is important to understand that there is a significant amount of investment in being an MVP. This investment is time – some of which comes from my working hours at MMT Digital and some of which comes from outside of work. Luckily, I have a great employer in MMT Digital and a very supportive family.

How do we work with Kentico?

The key point to make here is that the MVP is not a ceremonial role. It is an opportunity to build knowledge, gain extensive access into Kentico to shape the product and to get those all-important answers to key challenges.
Kentico MVP summit collaborationLike any developer, I’m constantly learning and being an MVP gives me the opportunity to rub shoulders with leaders in the Kentico community. Not only can I share my knowledge of Kentico and discuss best practices to help in the distribution and proliferation of standards across the Kentico community, but I can learn from others, gaining interesting insights that can help to continuously improve our own standards. This close connection is particularly useful in helping to resolve problems. We’re all experienced developers and you can guarantee that one of us will have the answer.

As an MVP, I have access to many of the development and innovation teams within Kentico (over regular calls and through annual face-to-face meetings), gaining unique access to features in development and into product planning. All of this means that we at MMT Digital can help to shape the products. We work with a range of clients and within any typical website development project, we will encounter a range of issues and challenges. This insight enables us to give Kentico valuable inputs to make the product better for everyone.

Above all, my role as an MVP has been invaluable in not only driving best practices within MMT Digital, but also supporting our Kentico project teams with my knowledge, insight and contacts.

Want to know more?

I could write a lot more on life as an MVP and I’m delighted to have been announced as a Kentico MVP for 2019.
Ilesh Mistry - Kentico MVP

It’s a real privilege for me and gives me a great opportunity to be involved in Kentico’s growth and development.

MMT’s years of experience with Kentico has helped us forge a reputation as a leading partner and as an MVP I have been able to shape and mould many of these processes and best practices. Whether it is a Kentico EMS or a Kentico Cloud project, we’d love to talk to you about what you are trying to achieve and see how we can help.