A guide to MMT’s services: #4 Digital Sustainability Assessment 

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The Agile Maturity Assessment is one of four MMT Digital Maturity Assessments, enabling you to measure and improve your company’s ability to quickly respond to the developments and shifting trends in your industry, in consumer behaviour and in technology.  

Today, environmental sustainability is one of the key efforts driven by consumers and the businesses alike. As the emissions associated with digital activity grow, the carbon footprint of websites, apps, APIs and digital tools is coming under greater scrutiny – and rightly so. Reports show that the carbon footprint of information technology is already larger than that of the aviation industry. As our lives and work become increasingly digital, that footprint will keep increasing.  

With this in mind, our Sustainability Assessment examines your entire digital estate, exploring its design, architecture, engineering, hosting, content, media advertising and SEO to fully understand its impact on the environment.   

The assessment also identifies practical next steps you can take to reduce your digital carbon footprint, become more sustainable as a business and unlock other cost and performance benefits.  

Why undertake our Sustainability Assessment? 

The most obvious benefit of our Sustainability Assessment is the part it plays in reducing your digital carbon emissions. However, aside from helping you become greener as a business, it also provides several other advantages.  

Cost savings 

  • In the process of making your website more sustainable, you'll typically optimise its features and tools for size and speed, while revisiting resources needed to run it. This optimisation is a great opportunity to lower both your infrastructure and energy costs. 

 Website performance boost  

  • By improving the speed and usability of your website, you’ll create performance benefits alongside environmental ones. You’ll take consumers to products faster and develop a more intuitive user experience. In turn, this leads to revenue growth. 

Enhanced reputation 

  • The conscious consumer market is growing. Increasingly people are making buying decisions based on the sustainable and social credentials of a brand. As digital emissions become a greater part of that conversation, your digital carbon footprint will have an even greater impact on your bottom line.  

Not only will we identify areas where you could be more sustainable as an organisation (and unlock the other benefits that come with being greener), but we’ll also provide clear, actionable next steps to help you get there.   

A fully bespoke assessment  

Our assessment is designed to be flexible so that organisations of all shapes and sizes (and with very different digital estates) can get a clear understanding of their sustainability.  

This bespoke service is available in two forms: 

Lite Sustainability Assessment 

  • Carried out in just a few days, all we need is access to your systems and some brief interviews with key people toquickly and asynchronously analyse your content, UX, use of media and the emissions of key pages.  

Full Sustainability Assessment 

  • This assessment goes into greater detail and provides a full review of your infrastructure, hosting, automation and digital delivery processes. We’ll also conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, from those involved in scrum teams to non-technical roles such as copywriters, to interrogate the efficiency of processes and release cycles. We’ll combine this with an analysis of how customers use your website and apps to build a broad and deep understanding of your digital operations.    

Both services identify the key drivers of your digital footprint. However, the full version of our Sustainability Assessment provides a more in-depth score across each of those areas, along with a more extensive set of recommendations and feedback. 

What next?

The report we provide after our assessment will help you to begin reshaping your digital estate into a more efficient and sustainable operation. It will open conversations both internally and with us about how you can move forward positively. 

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By providing scores against key areas, including the estimated carbon emissions of digital activities, the report sets a benchmark from which improvements can be made. To help you make those improvements, we will offer recommendations, taking into account a broad range of factors that contribute to your current carbon footprint.  

Owen Ayres

Principal Engineer at MMT

This will include ways to streamline your content, speed up user journeys throughout your website and reduce the data you’re using. It will also address issues such as whether your website host is local and if it is powered by renewable energy, and how to reshape your services for audiences using them in high carbon intensity areas.    

Our goal is to help businesses embed standards and best practices that enable them to develop digital sustainability for the long term and access the commercial benefits that come with that.  

We will get in touch after the report to discuss our recommendations and your next steps. As a digital agency with expertise in the relatively new subject area of digital sustainability, we can guide you in the best direction.  

To find out how our Sustainability Assessment can support your organisation to reduce its digital carbon emissions, get in touch to find out more or book a discovery call.