Agile Transformation in 2021: All You Need to Know to Scale Your Digital Product Delivery

September 13th 2021

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Delivering digital transformation at scale can be challenging. As organisations overhaul the way they build digital solutions to meet customers’ demands, cracks can appear. However, with a focus on leveraging the best in agile delivery and ensuring a value-based approach to prioritisation, we have seen organisation such as Boots and Vodafone step change their digital product delivery capability and realise a far greater speed to value.  

Identifying Major Pain Points 


MMT Digital’s  “Digital Product Delivery 2021: Realise Value at Speed” report will help you gain granular insight into what medium and large enterprises see as blocks on the road to successful digital transformation at scale.  

While nuances exist from sector to sector, these quantitative survey findings and brand interviews point to a number of prevailing challenges. Each of these have a marked impact on an organisation’s ability to focus on the customer, build trust and deliver value that matters.  

Here’s what senior digital leaders shared:  

Getting it Right: Introducing Agile Methodologies That Enhance Efficacy of Output and Improve Speed to Market


Our research confirmed what we have learnt by helping many enterprises scale using Agile. In a nutshell, adopting a sound Agile Product Delivery methodology not only enhances efficacy of output, but can also transform speed to market.  While an agile transformation can require changing deeply entrenched behaviours, operations, governance, structures and communication channels, the results outweigh the efforts, when done well.  

As OakNorth’s Sean Hunter describes, “With agile, we’re able to implement faster and organise structures so that individual engineering teams can do what works best for them.”  

While conducting the research for the Report and upon closer inspection of our digital transformation case studies, we have found that the key factors to success on this  journey were:   

  • Measuring effectiveness  

  • Transparency and communication  

  • Willingness to share  

From sharing test-and-learn findings to actively matching skills and resources to needs, the ability to move quickly and confidently that comes with good Agile product delivery is intrinsically linked to greater commercial performance.  

All The Support You Need on Your Agile Journey   


As the demand for innovative, customer-centric technology solutions grows, the demand for methods that enable the delivery of these digital business solutions grows even faster. Sometimes this can be managed within in-house teams, and sometimes a helping hand may be required. 

At MMT Digital, we have successfully supported organisations on their agile digital transformation journey at various stages and we know that adopting agile methodologies is never easy. To really make this process work at scale, we have created 3 digital product delivery frameworks (North Star, Compass & Engine) which ensure a clear identification of value for a business, a way to maximise return on digital investment and a clear delivery methodology to get measurable results.  

MMT Digital North Star Compass Engine Agile Digital Product Delivery Framework

Sometimes, just getting an understanding of the current digital tech stack performance is a great first step. Our Agile Maturity Index is a powerful tool that can help with identifying where the challenges and opportunities hide across your digital portfolio. It provides exciting opportunities to track, measure and improve an organisation’s agile delivery capability, across large-scale engineering teams.  

Using our Agile Maturtiy Index tool, organisations such as Boots were able to understand and leverage vital insights on different aspects of their agile digital transformation, such as speed to market, efficacy of output, team culture, technical capabilities and the different perceptions of those capabilities. 

To succeed in upscaling their digital infrastructure, organisations need to harness key metrics such as survey data, sentiment analysis and the attributes available from tools such as the AMI to drive continuous improvement to ensure they stay ahead of the competition and drive a positive ROI from their digital investment.      

Technology leaders armed with deep, data-driven insights can then put a clear figure on value to end user, better measure agility and ultimately deliver real value for customers and stakeholders, by leveraging their digital capabilities.    

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MMT Digital Product Delivery Report 2021


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