Digital Product Delivery 2021: Realise Value at Speed with Agile

Digital Product Delivery 2021: Realise Value at Speed with Agile

We surveyed 250 IT leaders to uncover the key challenges that organisations face when implementing digital transformation. In this report, we discuss solutions to help organisations understand what the opportunities and risks are in digital transformation at scale, and how to set themselves up for success.Fill in the form to read the full report now.

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What's inside the report?

This report will help you gain granular insight into what medium and large enterprises see as blocks on the road to successful digital transformation at scale.  While nuances exist from sector to sector, these quantitative survey findings and brand interviews point to a number of prevailing challenges. Each of these have a marked impact on an organisation’s ability to focus on the customer, build trust and deliver value that matters.  Based on the research we've conducted for this report as well as our digital transformation case studies, we have found that the key factors to success on this  journey were:     

  • Measuring effectiveness  
  • Transparency and communication  
  • Willingness to share    
From sharing test-and-learn findings to actively matching skills and resources to needs, the ability to move quickly and confidently that comes with good agile product delivery is intrinsically linked to greater commercial performance.   MMT have successfully supported market leading organisations on their agile digital transformation journey. To really make this process work at scale, we have created 3 digital product delivery frameworks (North Star, Compass & Engine) which ensure a clear identification of value for a business, a way to maximise return on digital investment and a clear delivery methodology to get measurable results.  Fill in the form above to read the full “Digital Product Delivery 2021: Realise Value at Speed” report today.

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