Cloud Engineer Placement Scheme 2022/23

Fixed Term Contract (12 Months) - Uppingham

We’re looking for forward-thinking people to help us create amazing things! That's why we're recruiting for this Cloud Engineer Placement role, which is designed for a university student looking for a year in industry as part of their degree.

The MMT Systems team facilitate the set-up, management and configuration of infrastructure, deployment and build processes, encouraging a culture of operational ownership across the Development effort. 

As a part of this team, using traditional hosting through to more modern methods, you’ll be supporting the networking and infrastructure of ongoing projects as well as diagnosing and fixing build pipeline issues. You’ll be responsible for looking after the service desk – which will include dealing with access requests, database backups and sites going down.

As we are a Digital Agency, you’ll have the benefit of working on a variety of projects – no two days are the same! We have a helpful and open working environment and team, which means that you can easily have conversations and sit-downs with managers across all levels for support and advice.  

We also ensure you’re on the frontline, speaking and interacting with clients.

As a placement student you will go through our training programme, covering such as areas as:

  • Setting up a new project
  • Creating build and release pipelines
  • Building the front-end and server side
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Working with a CMS

These will give you an initial understanding of various key aspects of development, helping you to build your skills and experience for the remainder of the placement.

Here at MMT Digital we aren’t as corporate as some companies. We know that people thrive in a fun working environment – so that’s just what we’ve created!

Among your primary responsibilities will be:

  • Hands-on implementation of guided solutions to reduce bottlenecks, increase automation and improve efficiency of development - on time and budget.
  • Hands-on implementation of guided solutions to improve monitoring, stability and performance of digital solutions
  • Inputting towards the scope and scale of the work undertaken by the team
  • Learning to deliver in line with MMT quality standards, responding to written standards and quality processes such as Pull Requests and pair programming.
  • Endorsing and championing a culture of operational ownership
  • Creating and maintaining sufficient levels of documentation for the solutions produced
  • Assisting project teams in spotting business opportunities within and around your projects.

Your secondary responsibilities will be:

  • Assisting the team in successful delivery of project value, through:
  • Helping to spot stories which don’t meet the Definition of Ready.
  • Delivering against both the MMT standards for quality, and team-level Definition of Done.
  • Escalating concerns or risks that may impact project success.
  • Encouraging a Lean approach to development.
  • Reacting quickly to coaching and guidance provided by development peers in the interest of quality.

What you'll bring

In order to flourish in this role, you’ll need the following: 

  • Studying towards Computer Science, Cyber Security or other industry-relevant degree
  • Fundamental knowledge of any programming language (such as C#, Python or Java) and if you've had hands-on experience that would be highly beneficial
  • An applied understanding of, and passion for, cloud computing (e.g. AWS/Azure), and if you've had hands-on experience that would be highly beneficial
  • Understanding of Git/source-control management
  • Enthusiasm and personal drive to excel in the role
  • Passionate about all things web based; generally interested in new technology and keen to learn more
  • Be a confident communicator
  • Be able to demonstrate a positive and team-focused attitude to work, both internally and with client
  • Awareness of quality assurance and related testing frameworks
  • Basic understanding of development methodologies, specifically Agile (Scrum)

It would also be great (but not essential) if you have: 

  • A deeper knowledge of cloud computing (AWS/Azure)
  • Already developed and deployed a project to AWS or Azure
  • Experience of Azure DevOps or other CI/CD tooling
  • Some experience with Powershell or Python
  • Knowledge of setting up web-servers like Apache, IIS, Nginx




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