OUR JOURNEY CONTINUES We are a Carbon Negative Company

The Pledge

Our aim is to continue to reduce our carbon footprint as rapidly as possible. From the start of Q4 2019, we started to offset more CO2 than we generate. In 2020, we became a Carbon Negative Company, offsetting more than double the CO2 that was generated.

We’ll never reduce how much we offset, no matter how low we manage to get our footprint. 

We will also do all that we can to support and influence our people and our clients, measuring and reporting on our combined impact. 

Beyond this, we will share all our processes, CO2 models and tools to make it easier for other organisations to become Carbon Negative too. 

Our Strategy

Our approach is made up of five steps which focus on the reduction and offsetting of our company footprint, supporting our people in reducing and offsetting their personal footprint and reporting transparently on all our sustainability activities to our clients. 

  1. Modelling our base CO2 footprint
  2. Reducing and tracking our CO2 Footprint over time
  3. Offsetting at our base CO2 level
  4. Creating a community to support our staff
  5. Creating dashboards to report back to our clients and staff

Join our carbon negative movement

As we are confident that we are doing something positive and beneficial, we are sharing all our processes, CO2 models and tools to make it easier for other organisations to start their journey.