VODAFONE Empowering engineering teams to deliver digital experiences in record speed

"Before MMT Digital helped us deliver this solution, it was difficult to understand the big picture. Ownership was partially off-shore, the implementation was complex and there was no single source of truth. By establishing a DevOps culture and industry leading best practices, MMT have helped us revolutionise the way we manage infrastructure and release software. This has helped our engineering teams deliver digital experiences to customers at record speeds while reducing our reliance on external suppliers. Reductions in waste and increases in productivity equate to a massive £2m annual Infrastructure cost saving."

Paul Whyte, Head of Systems Engineering

The Results

  • £ Million
    annual hosting cost saving
  • +
    live releases to customers per month up from 2 per year
  • minutes taken to create infrastructure that previously required 8 weeks

The Challenge

Vodafone were searching for more reliable and effective ways to integrate the output of many development teams working in parallel across their web estate and backend services.​​

Environment builds and application deployments were dependant on five external suppliers. This slow delivery pipeline was significantly impacting Vodafone’s ability to release new features and business value to market. ​​

The existing monolithic platform – which was inhibiting time-to-market and innovation – needed to be re-built as a modern, flexible microservices architecture. 

What We Did

We cultivated a culture of innovation at Vodafone UK to decrease the time taken to release new features,  in order to deliver first-class digital experiences to customers as quickly as possible. ​​

Working together with Vodafone DevOps engineers, we managed to completely remove reliance on external contractors to build environments through thoughtful modernisation, simplification and automation. ​​

The team fully documented all their processes, architecture and knowledge as they worked, ensuring all knowledge was collected in a single source of truth. ​​

Vodafone is now running up to 300 deployments across 10 environments each day. There is no single point of failure for any service being deployed to production.​

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