My top 10 reasons to upgrade to Kentico EMS

Written by Ilesh Mistry
March 14th 2016

35 minute read

Kentico CMS is an extremely powerful content management system and offers a great amount of features, which would more than your average demands of a CMS these days. However if you want want to take Kentico CMS further with great steps and fulfill your marketing desires, you must look into the Kentico EMS. 

Here are my top 10 reasons for upgrading to Kentico EMS.

1. Kentico A/B Testing

Do you want to know whether one landing page is attracting more visitors compared to another page?

If you do, then you would need to try Kentico EMS A/B Testing, as this will provide you the statistics to help you decide on which page to go for.

2. Kentico Multi-Variant Testing

Another thing to consider is if you are interested in knowing whether a single panel or section is attracting more visitors compared to an another?

You would need to try Kentico EMS Multi-Variant Testing, as this will provide you the statistics to back up which panel to go for therefore letting your target site visitors determine the best approach for you.

3. Kentico Content Personalisation

Do you want to personalise content according to a visitors location, age or behavior?

Then you have to use Kentico EMS Content Personlisation, which allows you to utilise powerful, but easy to use Kentico Macro rules to help deliver relevant information to your visitors.

4. Kentico Marketing Automation

Do you have scenarios on your website where you perform an action like an email or notification after something has happened, but want this automated?

Here are some examples...

  • When a customer is shopping on your website, but abandon the site without proceeding to payment.
  • Visitor has signed up to a newsletter, but they haven't accessed your website for a while and you may want to entice them in some way or send them a reminder.
  • Integration with SalesForce is something you want to do.

Marketing Automation in Kentico EMS is arguably the most powerful feature that Kentico provide. Although I am not a marketer, but I think it would be a marketers dream!

5. Kentico Contact Management

Do you have visitors on your website, that might become valuable customers or potential contacts for future business?

Well Kentico EMS allows you to build Contact Management to aid with this and allow you to build a better relationship with potential contacts. There are various mapping rules and methods to build this database and of course it has anonymous contact tracking too!

6. Kentico Campaigns and Conversions

Are you being asked to run campaigns on your website, but don't see a great management tool for this?

Well if you use Kentico EMS, you can utlise the Campaigns area where you can generate valuable data from the number of Conversions you can get from them.

7. Kentico Lead Scoring

Are there people arriving at your website, who could be potential leads and business opportunities?

Kentico EMS offers you to use the Lead Scoring, where you can utilise your website to understand more about the leads coming in and depending on their activity on your website, you can then determine whether they are a hot or cold lead.

8. Kentico Email Marketing

Do you have lots to say or want to provide some interesting facts about your company or you just want to mention something new that is out? Would this be something you want to target a specific set of individuals/your target market?

Then the Email Marketing module in the Kentico EMS is going to do just the job for you. It will allow you send this out to the people that matter most and build a database of the people you want and potentially provide leads and business opportunities that you can manage.

9. Kentico Personas

Are there groups of visitors coming to your website who are people you want to target and show specific content to?

Kentico EMS offers you to create Personas, which allow you to categorise groups of people and show them what they mostly want to see and direct them to the content areas you want them to see.

10 - Kentico Web Analytics

Are you interested in data? Do you want to know the facts? Are you keen on who visits your site, which of these visitors are new or existing and how long they spend on your website? 

Well for this last recommendation, Kentico EMS offers you the Web Analytics module, which allows you to do this exact thing, where data can be represented in reports for you to analyse to your hearts content.

There you have it, that was my top 10 reasons to upgrade to Kentico EMS, there are lots more benefits, which I haven't listed above, but I would highly recommend that if you are not sure about Kentico EMS to either download a demo or speak to Kentico about it, it will be the best thing you will ever do!