Lean Product Delivery

Agile transformation sits at the heart of digital transformation, and the purpose of an agile transformation is to enable products to be delivered rapidly: delivering value to your customers and driving innovation. Our world-class agile processes, training and measurement frameworks can supercharge your agile transformation.

Embedded Agile Coaching

We’ve helped companies at every stage of their agile transformation journey. We have a range of tailored programmes, from an agile audit to create a baseline set of recommendations through to our unique Lean Product Delivery consultancy that helps to embed documented best practices across a scaled engineering team and drive organisation-wide agile culture. 

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The Agile Maturity Index

Running on Workbench, the organisational insights platform developed by our partner, Temporall, the Agile Index is a unique framework and measurement tool for assessing the level of any organisations’ agile maturity.

Unlike anything else on the market, the tool provides a real-time view across your teams, giving insights on where and how to improve, focusing on areas including skills gaps and continuous improvement within teams, quality of product ownership, governance, quality, security, data & analytics, architecture, leadership / vision and innovation. 

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Enabling Rapid Innovation

Our in-house Innovation Group can help ensure your teams understand how to get the best out of emerging technologies using strategies and technical architectures that enable rapid innovation.

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