The Agile Maturity Index

Empower your organisation to take your agile teams to the next level and maximise the benefits of digital transformation. For the first time you can access real-time, ongoing measurements and gain deep, actionable insights into the performance, capabilities and effectiveness of your agile engineering teams.

Organisations have been adopting agile ways of working for many years with varying levels of success and a limited ability to see where opportunities for improvement may exist. Traditionally it has been hard to draw insights from teams and to measure progress at scale. It is especially challenging to track team engagement and the connection to the overall vision or the ability to innovate and the corresponding links to commercial success.

The Agile Maturity Index (AMI) delivers vital insights on speed to market, efficacy of output, team culture, technical capabilities and your different teams’ perception of these capabilities in order to help product teams, engineers, senior leadership and C-suite to make better informed decisions. These learnings complement and enhance your existing measurement frameworks to provide a basis for continually measuring improvements in your organisation’s agile maturity, identifying where they will drive more commercial KPIs. Essentially helping you to become an agile organisation rather than one that is just doing agile.

How does it work?

MMT Digital's Agile Maturity Index utilises Workbench, an organisational insights platform developed by Temporall, to draw valuable quantitative and qualitative data and sentiment analysis from your teams. This powers our reporting and benchmarking with a focus on improving innovation, speed to market and efficacy of output to unlock opportunities and drive commercial success.

The index provides state-in-time as well as real-time continuous insights via pulse surveys, third party integrations and intelligent listening to communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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The benefits

  • Real-time, continuous outputs provide evidence of team improvements and detailed insights to drive change
  • ​Improve your speed to market through deep insights from across your teams
  • Create cross-departmental, high-performing teams focussed on delivering value by identifying and breaking down silos in communication 
  • Sentiment analysis can be used to show that teams are becoming happier due to improvements being made alongside measuring the quantitative increases in performance
  • Maximise the efficacy of your output by understanding and improving the connection of your teams to the company vision, value streams and data
  • Filter data by teams, roles or location at a macro and micro level to find quick wins from high-performing areas that can be rolled out across the business

Systems Intelligence

  • ​Draw insight from communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams with unique systems intelligence technology built into the AMI 
  • Conversational analysis provides an understanding of how individuals are connected and identifies influencers across the business to help drive a culture of innovation 

  • Analyse how individuals are connected and identify influencers across departments or roles 

  • Identify trends in sentiment across a broad range of topics to build up specific agile dictionaries enabling the AI based system to track sentiment around quality processes or agile working practices 

  • Gain untapped insight to help drive a business case for wider adoption of communication and collaboration tools to supercharge your agile transformation.  

The output

  • We’ll provide a detailed report pack clearly showing macro and micro scores across the five key measurements, highlighting areas for efficiency and effectiveness improvements

  • Additional reports at agreed intervals or deep dive reports into specific focus areas can also be provided

  • Workbench can also be integrated with third-party data (e.g., existing measurement tools or frameworks) to augment the AMI data 

  • Use systems intelligence to gain advanced insights from unstructured conversations in Slack and Microsoft Teams through the advanced AI based entity extraction, sentiment analysis and Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) tools built into the Workbench platform

If you’d like a demo or more information on how you can use the Agile Maturity Index to measurably improve your agile transformation get in touch with Nick today:

Nick Rudd
Director of Growth

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