Kentico Kontent

As the UK's leading Kentico Kontent Premium Partner, we know how to deliver commercially successful digital experiences with a Content-as-a-Service solution that transforms business performance.

We are experts in designing flexible enterprise architectures that utilise Kentico Kontent to decouple content production from digital channels. The Content-as-a-Service platform, recognised by both Gartner and Forrester, enables us to focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences at speed and scale, leveraging current and future technologies. As a Kentico partner for over 10 years, we have been involved with Kontent since its inception and continue to play a key role in helping to actively shape the platform. 

Is Content-as-a-Service right for you?

With our Headless Assessment, our team of architects and strategists conduct a comprehensive review of your digital landscape, analysing your current CMS and user journeys to help you understand your challenges, assess the feasibility of going headless and provide you with recommendations.

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What is Kentico Kontent?

Kentico Kontent is a Content-as-a-Service solution that gives organisations control over their entire content lifecycle in a single unified environment. Delivering all the benefits of a headless CMS, the cloud-based content management platform streamlines content production and delivery while giving developers the freedom to build compelling digital experiences using the latest technologies.

Why MMT Digital?

Our large team of Kentico Kontent developers have the skills and expertise to architect the right solution to help our clients achieve their goals through the smart selection, application and implementation of modern technology.

Whether it’s a small pilot project or an enterprise level programme, our Kontent experts will design a strong technical vision to support execution.

Having a partner who knows Kentico Kontent inside out and back to front is vital. As Kontent experts, we can help you shape, upskill and develop your in-house digital capability to deliver personalised, omni-channel digital experiences that accelerate your digital transformation. We can also provide ongoing digital marketing consultancy and training to help you achieve exceptional digital marketing and e-commerce success from marketing campaigns.

We work in partnership with your in-house team, forming a single team. From experience, we know that this is the best way to deliver a successful project. 

Driving Digital Success

We transformed the customer experience for Water Babies using Kentico Kontent, whilst drastically reducing costs.

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    reduction in hosting costs
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    increase in page load speed
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    increase in average time on page


We are experts in delivering decoupled and headless architectures with Kentico Kontent to power bespoke applications across a wide range of sectors. From infrastructure to solution design, we have the technical expertise to enable and support digital transformation. 


Starting from the ground up, we leverage our extensive knowledge of the SaaS and PaaS markets to build the right solution for every client. Constantly reviewing and understanding the latest developments, we ensure that our recommendations meet clients’ present needs and future ambitions. 


Digital is more than just responsive websites. There are more channels than ever before, and our large team of UK-based developers are experts in leveraging Kentico Kontent to enable exceptional experiences across every channel and device. 


As a trusted partner, we are actively shaping the Kentico Kontent roadmap through continuous collaboration. We work with Kentico to ensure that our clients’ requirements are a fundamental part of the future of the platform.

Our Kentico Kontent MVP

Ilesh Mistry is on our team – he’s a Kentico Kontent MVP – a Most Valuable Professional – the highest possible Kontent award for a developer. As one of only seven Kontent MVPs in the world, Ilesh and our team know how to get the very best from this industry leading Content-as-a-Service platform.

Our Kentico Kontent news and views

Water Babies Delivering a scalable, multi-lingual platform for the world’s leading baby and toddler swim school

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